St. Patrick’s Day Blowout! Save 10% On All Tonneau Covers

ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOWOUT! Save 10% On All Tonneau Covers

Save 10% on any tonneau cover from March 17-21! If you’ve been thinking about suiting up your pickup truck with a new truck bed cover, now is the time to do it.

All of our tonneau covers have been reduced by 10% for our

St. Patrick’s Day Blowout!

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We have all kinds of tonneau covers suited to your specific needs and style. Whether you’re looking for a hard tri-fold, soft roll-up, retractable, or hard one-piece tonneau cover, we’re guaranteed to have something for you. We even carry custom truck bed cover and rack combos for a full customization.

Go ahead and take a look at the tonneau covers we have in stock.

What You Need to Know About Truck Covers USA

Truck Covers USA Logo

Truck Covers USA is an American based manufacturer of the highest quality truck bed covers and accessories you can get, and I mean this. The amount of customization available for each unit is one of the primary aspects that make them stand apart from other manufacturers. Truck Covers USA offers a wide variety of add ons and upgrades that are designed for flawless integration and performance. In this article, I will outline these options and walk you through the information you need to begin shopping for your own Truck Covers USA tonneau cover system.

American Roll Cover

The Basic – American Roll Cover

The American Roll Cover is the base model available from Truck Covers USA, and is constructed in the style of a Retractable Tonneau Cover. This unit is the backbone of every truck bed cover you will build and customize from Truck Covers USA. Don’t underestimate this workhorse. The cover is built from double walled aluminum, with two key reasons in mind.

Aluminum Panels of Truck Cover USA Tonneau Covers

The primary reason for choosing aluminum is that it is extremely lightweight, which makes it easier to install and operate. The other reason aluminum is a great choice of material is that it doesn’t oxidize. This means that, unlike steel and many other metals, it won’t rust. The lightweight nature also helps keep the weight of your truck down, and your towing capacity higher. The aluminum structure features a black powder coat finish designed to help prevent scratching and abrasion damage as well as minimizing the visibility of grime buildup. Aluminum is also extremely durable. The cover can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and the aerodynamic construction can even increase your fuel economy by up to 10%.

Security is one of the most important considerations of Truck Covers USA. Why have a tonneau cover if it isn’t going to secure your truck bed? That’s why every American Roll Cover comes standard with key lock entry designed to match the OEM style of your pickup. The panels are interlinking to help prevent penetration by knives and to enhance the durability of the cover.

The American Roll Cover retracts into a canister for compact storage when not in use. Truck Covers USA makes one of the smallest and strongest canisters available on the market at only 8 inches tall by 8 inches in width. The body of the canister is made from galvanized sheet metal for strength and protection from impacts and abrasion. The lid is made from aluminum, keeping the weight down for ease of use and protecting the unit from rust. The whole canister is finished with the same black powder coating as the cover to ensure longevity and a sleek appearance. The canister is sealed to help prevent water and dirt from getting inside, and the entire unit is mounted using a clamp system manufactured in the US by Truck Covers USA to ensure quality.

A torsion spring and pull strap ensure that retracting the cover into the canister is a smooth process that doesn’t require you climbing into your truck bed. The cover is designed to lock every 12 inches so that you can haul a wide variety of large and small cargo, or set it up to work flawlessly with a fifth wheel hitch. It features extra wide side rail seals and a Four Way Flex Tube drainage system to help keep your cargo and truck bed dry to the touch.

Truck Covers USA Folding Tonneau Cover

The cover is quick and easy to install, and requires almost no servicing whatsoever! As long as you keep the cover clean, and check the canister for debris occasionally, the American Roll Cover should last as long as your truck. If you would like to know more about how to maintain your tonneau cover, check out this article outlining exactly that.

The Add Ons

Now we get into the details that you’ve all come here for. The American Roll Cover can be customized and upgraded with a large variety of features manufactured by Truck Covers USA.

Truck Covers USA Keyless Entry

The Keyless Entry Latch was specially requested by Truck Covers USA customers. The standard key lock system that comes with the American Roll Cover is great for securing your truck bed, but sometimes isn’t the best option. In situations where you will be opening your cover frequently to load cargo, or travelling short distances, sometimes it’s nice to be able to open the cover with the simple pull of a latch. It’s great as a backup in case you lose, or temporarily can’t find, the key for your tonneau cover. The latch is hidden inside the truck bed and is accessible once you’ve lowered the tailgate for extra security. The molded plastic handle is custom made and positioned right by the pull strap for ease of use. The latch comes pre-installed when ordered with a new American Roll Cover.

Truck Covers USA American Rack System

Another useful add on available with the American Roll Cover is the American Rack System. For this, Truck Covers USA has teamed up with Yakima, a major manufacturer of bike, board, and ski racks, to create a symbiotic system that will allow you to use your tonneau cover at the same time as the rack. To start, tracks can be ordered pre-installed with your new American Roll Cover, or pre-cut specifically for your vehicle for self installation if you have already purchased an American Roll Cover. The tracks install on the side rail mounts, out of the way of the moving parts of the tonneau cover. The next step is the Full Add On Kit, which will install on the tracks to create the base for virtually every Yakima rack available. This kit gives you all of the components of the risers and crossbars, including landing pads, control towers, locking cores, and the crossbars themselves. Once it has been set up, the American Rack System will plug and play with Yakima’s racks, allowing you to haul bikes, snowboards, or skis on your truck bed while still being able to fill up the box and secure your tonneau cover.

Truck Covers USA American Truck Rack System

Another option available that adds extra cargo hauling capabilities is the American Truck Rack. Designed to complement your tonneau cover, this rack is perfect for a working truck. You will have full access to your tonneau cover, while being able to secure long items such as ladders and lumber. It’s quick and easy to install, and even has tie down anchors so you can be sure your cargo will hold safely on the rack. If that’s not enough space, there’s even a Second Level Kit that gives the rack a set of mounting bars close to the top of your truck bed rails. The American Truck Rack is an add on that no working truck should go without.

The Big Upgrade

The small add ons for the American Roll Cover are pretty great, but there is one option that really shines; the American Work Cover. Less of an upgrade, the Work Cover is classified as it’s own unit, offering you the American Roll Cover with a built in toolbox on top of the canister. This unit is purchased in place of the base Roll Cover model. It can be paired with all of the add ons mentioned above, and features all of the same great qualities of the Roll Cover with a few extra perks.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover

The first, most obvious benefit is the full sized toolbox. The canister size is expanded, and the bottom half is used to store the cover, while the top half has two removable, black powder coated steel trays to help you organize your tools and equipment. Your tools will always be easily accessible without having to climb into the truck bed. The toolbox comes with an OEM key lock that uses the same key as the tonneau cover, and it comes with 2 copies. Its molded rubber flange prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from getting inside the lock, and the entire unit is sealed to help keep your tools moisture free and away from dirt.

The toolbox is constructed like the canister on the Roll Cover, with a galvanized steel bottom and a lid made from aluminum. The dual-stage black powder coating offers rust, abrasion, and impact protection as well as style.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover

The Little Upgrade

Don’t worry, if you’re used to hauling around a lot of cargo and need to maximize the use of your truck bed space, Truck Covers USA has the perfect system for you. The American Work Cover Jr is designed to be purchased with a new American Roll Cover or as an add on to an existing one. The toolbox sits directly on top of the canister and is exactly the same size, so you don’t lose any truck bed space whatsoever. The entire unit is finished with a black powder coat  for protection from abrasions, scratches, and other damage. The toolbox features an OEM handle and lock that uses the same key as your tonneau cover lock for maximum security and ease of use.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover Jr.

The X Upgrade

An upgrade available when ordering the American Work Cover and Work Cover Jr., the American X-box is perfect for anyone who really works their truck hard. The benefit to this upgrade is the X-Line Premium finish on the toolbox. This cover will work with all of the add ons for the American Roll Cover listed above, as well as those for the toolbox tonneau combo listed below. X-Line Premium offers the most long lasting, durable option for a toolbox that gets put through its paces. Featuring top of the line abrasion and high-impact resistance as well as UV protection, your toolbox will be protected from fading. Defend the lustre of the box without bubbling, cracking, or peeling with X-Line Premium. It’s VOC free, environmentally friendly, and will resist staining from harsh chemicals.

American Work Cover Add Ons

The Add Ons

Once you’ve added the toolbox, you’ve opened up a whole new world of customisation. All of the add ons listed above, under the American Roll Cover section, can be added to this product as well as all of the new ones we are about to discuss. The American Truck Rack is the exception, as the toolbox prevents it from mounting at the front of the truck bed.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover with LED Lights

One of the most obvious add ons, and one that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked, is the LED Light Strip. If you’re out beyond the reaches of civilization and night has fallen, digging for tools with one hand and holding a flashlight in the other can be a pain. With these lights, you’ll never have to worry about this again. They are built into the lid of the toolbox and shielded by a black powder coated steel guard so that they never get damaged. LED’s give off bright, low energy light that your battery will thank you for. As long as you take care of them, they should last the lifetime of your cover.

Another great add on that allows you to customize your toolbox and truck bed access is the Power Locking Actuator Set. Pre-installed on your new American Work Cover ready to be wired, this set of 2 power actuators are designed to link up with your toolbox and tonneau cover locks, allowing you use your truck’s existing key fob.Their high power output ensures that even in harsh climates, your cover will always lock. Each actuator also has a thermal protector to prevent them from overheating.

Truck Covers USA also offers a couple of aesthetic upgrades, like Chrome Handle upgrade. These handles are designed to replaced the standard, OEM style ones. They keep to the OEM look and key lock functionality and they are compatible with the actuators for a product with the same great quality and a stylish new look. They are available on both the American Work Cover and the American Work Cover Jr.

Like the chrome handles, you can also increased the chrome look of your cover with Stainless Steel Toolbox Trays. This set of 2 trays replaces your powder coated black trays, offering you a mirror-like luster and the classy style of stainless steel. The material is also extremely rust resistant due to the high quantity of nickel within the alloy, unlike the black trays which may start to rust if the coating comes off. Stainless steel is a long lasting, attractive style with a distinct look that might be the best option to match your vehicle’s look.

In Summary

Truck Covers USA offers some of the best products on the market for protecting, personalising, and upgrading your truck bed. From the American Roll Cover to the American Work cover, there are tonnes of ways you can build your own tonneau cover that will perfectly suit your needs. What’s more, these products are even compatible with many other aftermarket truck bed accessories.

I hope that this article has provided you with enough detail for you to be able to shop for your own Roll Cover. Truck Covers USA offers many of the add ons pre-installed with a new American Roll Cover purchase or as an option for purchase later if you decide to upgrade.

One Last thing! Be sure to check this video from SEMA that demonstrates the features of the Truck Covers USA Tonneau Cover!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Tonno Cover Depot

107, 42 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Toll Free: 1-855-253-4330

Explore Canada’s Backyard; Skiing and Snowboarding in the Rockies

With some of the first big snowfalls of the year falling over Southern Alberta, there’s no better time to hit the slopes to help forget the winter blues. We’ve done our research to compile some great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding close by.

Sunshine Village, located just outside of Banff, has approximately two-thirds of their trails open right now, and has received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. With a high class mountain lodge featuring heated floors and jacuzzi tubs, 137 total trails and 12 lifts, how could you go wrong? Their newest lift, TeePee Town, is the first heated chair lift in Canada and was opened back in January of this year.

Not far off if the Lake Lousie Ski Resort. Basically a small town in its own right, you can ski both sides of this beautiful mountain, give their terrain run a shot, and end the evening off with some fine dining in the lodge.


Mount Norquay completes the list of what are known as the Big Three, all located in the Banff area. Located right in town, you have full access to all of the sights and events of Banff if you have friends or family who don’t ski or snowboard and for a closing meal. They also offer world class tubing there as well!

All three of these are within hours of each other, and offer a great weekend getaway with multiple ski and snowboard locations! If you live in Calgary, or are planning a visit, but don’t want to go as far as Banff,consider checking out Nakiska, only 45 minutes away, or Calgary Olympic Park right in town!

A trip to Jasper will offer you the opportunity to ski the highest base elevation of 1,697m at Marmot Basin, and 2 hours west of Lethbridge you can find the 104 of Castle Mountain! So get out and explore this winter. Don’t let the cold weather and snow hold you back!


Season’s Greetings Holiday Blowout!

Season's Greetings from Tonno Cover Depot

Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

All of us at Tonno Cover Depot want to thank you for your business in 2016. We view all our customers as family and hope to build long-lasting relationships with everyone we serve. To celebrate the new year, we are giving you 10% off on any tonneau cover purchase from December 23rd to January 2nd. This kind of sale doesn’t happen often, so make sure you check out our large collection of covers, and if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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That’s not all!

We’re open Boxing Day, and if you call us to order we’ll give you a free gift! This could be a little something extra for your pickup, or maybe you need a last minute gift idea. Call us to find out more at:

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday with the Tonno Cover Depot!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale


Hello, all of you loyal Tonno Cover Depot customers! Tonno Cover Depot, and myself, would like to thank you for your loyalty to our store. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here to serve you on this great holiday. We value our customers as family, and that means that we offer the highest quality products and the best, most comprehensive advice at the most competitive prices every day. You deserve it. You work hard, and you play harder, and your truck is there to get you through all of it.

So, to show our appreciation for your loyal business and our respect for your hardworking lifestyle, Tonno Cover Depot will be offering a coupon for 10% off all of our stock from November 22 until November 30! Absolutely everything on our web site is eligible for discount with the coupon code blackfriday! It’s our biggest sale of the year, so make sure you take advantage of this limited time offer and stock up on everything you might need for this winter’s adventure or next summer’s camp-outs!

ex_sf2_raptor_snowclosed1_hDo you have a friend or family member who’s vehicle needs some serious upgrades? Or maybe they’re an off-road enthusiast looking to get in to the hobby. No matter who is on your gift list for this Christmas, now is the best time to get them the perfect gift at the best price!

The New, Canadian Exclusive, LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Access Lomax

This is an exciting day for us at the Tonno Cover Depot. Today we get to offer a product to Canadians that can’t be found anywhere else in the country, the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. Sure, you could order it from the United States, pay an arm and a leg in shipping and conversion rates but who wants to do that when you can order through us? We pride ourselves in our competitive pricing and we work hard to image-4ensure that we can offer you the best products for those prices. So what’s exciting about the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold?

Well, for starters, the price point is extremely attractive. For a high quality tonneau cover with a tonne of bells and whistles, this guy sits right in the middle of the road, varied slightly depending on your vehicle application. But what do you get for that price point?

Value. And lots of it. The LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold is one of the lowest profile tonneau covers on the market, sitting less than half an inch above the top of your truck bed rails. It’s the tonneau cover equivalent ofimage-3 the new ultra slim televisions. Putting this tonneau cover over top of your truck bed is going to give your vehicle a sharp, professional look that is extremely aerodynamic. Your truck will be the envy of your friends and every gas pump from here to the mountains is going to watch you sail by longingly with your increased fuel economy. The cover is coated with a textured black finish that is designed to match the OE style of modern pickup trucks, and it’s strong.

Each panel of the tri-fold is constructed from the same aluminum alloy that is used in the construction of trailers. We always make a point of mentioning when one of our products is constructed fromaluminum-channel-white aluminum. This is because aluminum is one of the lightest metals we (humans) build with, and it’s very durable. Lightweight durability means you won’t bog your truck down on the roads, or off of them, and you don’t have to worry about the cover crumpling. Supported by extruded aluminum channels, this ultra lightweight cover can support 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight! Another insane benefit of aluminum is something that comes from its basic elemental construction; aluminum doesn’t oxidize. That means you don’t need to worry about the weather and moisture rusting and corroding your cover. Yes, you will still want to keep it clean, but at least it’s not going to sprout holes.

On top of the water repellent aluminum, the cover is also designed to shed water to the sides of your vehicle without the use of drains or gutters. A lot of tonneau covers require some drilling and modification to install drain systems to prevent pooling aside-sealing-whitend leakage. Not with LOMAX. All of the water is routed off the edges, and the tonneau cover itself overhangs the rails of your truck bed to create a continuous seal along both sides of your truck bed so that your cargo stays dry. The hinges between panels are coated in vinyl and fully sealed to prevent water from leaking in that way. If you throw the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold on top of your truck bed, your cargo is going to be fully protected from the elements. On top of that, the cover hides your gear from the prying eyes of potential thieves, and the hard paneling is an extra deterrent for people with knifes trying breaking in.

But what we love most about this tonneau cover is how easy it is to use. Installation requires absolustorage-clip-unhooked-whitetely no drilling; the rails are held in place by eight TIGHT BITE™ Clamps. Once the rails have been installed, the cover can be rest on them and slid into place until the locking latches hook into place. Once latched, each panel folds down and automatically locks. When it’s fully closed, there are ten locking positions to ensure your cover will stay in place. To open it up, you simply pull on the locking cable by your tailgate to disengage the first set of hooks. As your fold the panels over, the next set of latches will disengage, allowing smooth folding that can be performed easily by one

Once the panels have been folded all the way up retractable, integrated storage clips lock the cover in place so that you can drive with it open. This allows you to carry extra large cargo without having to remove the cover. If you do need to take it off though, it is just as easy as putting it on and can again be done with one person. Simply ensure the clips are secured, pull on the locking cable on the front panel, and slide the cover back to disengage the hooks.The cover can then be lifted off the vehicle.

The LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is simple to use, durable, lightweight, and reliable, and it’s exclusive in Canada to the Tonno Cover Depot. For details on pricing, or if you’d like to watch some of the product videos, check out our product page.







Protect your Interior from the Winter Wetland!

Bar 7

Winter is on its way, no matter how much we try to deny it. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. If you’re a winter outdoorsman, you know that winter hiking, camping, and off-roading can be extremely rewarding. And don’t forget about skiing, tobogganing, skating, and the endless number of other winter activities. Or maybe you’re working outdoors where, a lot of times, the job doesn’t stop just because of a little snow. At the end of it all you’re covered in snow, dirt, and mud; the detritus of a true adventurer. That doesn’t mean that you need to compromise your vehicle because of it, though. I’m going to walk you through a couple of things you can do to protect your interior of your vehicle, and why it’s important.

The floors of your vehicle are one of the most neglected places when it comes to cleaning. We’ve all done it; that moment where you glance down and see all of the dirt, mud, and gravel caked into the carpeting, and then slowly looked away and pretended not to notice. It is, however, extremely important to keep this area clean. Carpeting is a breeding ground for bacteria, plain and simple. The thick fibres offer tonnes of crevices and comfy hiding places for microscopic creatures to grow and multiply. Giving these carpeted sections a vacuum can help, but won’t always do the trick.Aries StyleGuard Floor Liners

Another common problem with carpeted flooring is that it’s textured. The carpeting makes for a more comfortable place for your feet, but just like the carpets in your home, it grabs on to dust, dirt, and mud and doesn’t like letting go. If you spent the day out in the rain, snow, or mud, unless you do a really great job of cleaning up your shoes after or you remove them, all of the stuff you’ve walked through in the day is going to rub off into the carpeting. This leaves you with a damp, muddy area that doesn’t look great. But even more important than it’s lack of aesthetic appeal; wet carpeting can rot. Mould and other bacteria can grow that will cause a dank smell in your vehicle and wear down your carpeting. It can even start to cause damage, like rust, to the more durable parts of your vehicle below the flooring if left too long, and there goes the resale value, or integrity, of your vehicle. All of this can be avoided with a very simple solution; floor liners ordefender-8 mats.

One such example is the Aries StyleGuard Floor Liner series. This particular liner series is available in laser engineered designs custom cut for the front and second rows and the cargo area of each vehicle application, ensuring a perfect fit. They use a unique three layer system which all work together to make the liners as effective as possible. The bottom layer is made from Aries’ patented OmniGrip fibres, designed to grab on to the carpet on your vehicle’s floor to prevent the liner from sliding. Not only does this make getting in and out of, or moving around in, the vehicle easier, it also helps prevent the liquid on the mat from splashing around and getting onto your carpet. The middle layer is a padding for extra comfort, and the upper layer is Thermoplastic Rubber, which is durable and long-lasting.The top is also textured to help water from moving around and splashing too much. We also carry floor liners from Husky and WeatherTech. The best part is all of these can be removed and cleaned with a hose!

Another location in your vehicle that is subject to the same complications as the flooring is your seats. If not properly protectedex_sf2_raptor_snowclosed2_h, moisture can get inside the seats and begin to rot them. Plus, who wants to sit on soggy, muddy seats anyways. Auto Truck Depot offers a few different seat protectors, one of the best of which is the Aries Seat Defender. Again, Aries uses multilayer engineering to create comfortable, no slip design that will last.

So don’t forget about the interior of your vehicle this winter. Whether you want to keep your resale value up or you just want to keep your vehicle looking clean and feeling comfortable, protect your flooring and seats with seat covers and floor liners.




Protect Your Vehicle Battery This Winter

With cold weather on the way, you don’t want to be stuck out in the cold. Battery failure is the most common cause of vehicle breakdown, and the cold weather can cause a drop in power output, decrease in the batteries ability to charge, and an increase in power load from heaters and other electronics. There are several easy things you can do to help prevent your battery from failing when you need it most in our cold winters.


The first items you should always check are your battery posts. Over driving time and exposure to the elements, corrosion can build up on the posts and hinder the connection. This lackluster connection can cause ineffective charging, which can lead to a battery that is never fully charged and is more likely to fail on the road. If your battery is over five years old and it’s struggling, you’re better off replacing it, rather than running the risk of on-road failure.

A major issue that can occur with batteries in the winter is freezing. A frozen battery won’t start, and a frozen battery will lose some of it’s ability to hold a charge. If you leave a battery that isn’t fully charged out in the cold, especially when that battery has been unused for a whole day, you can be left with worse problems. Optima Batteries explains that when a battery is uncharged the water and sulphur inside the chamber are not mixed properly and can therefore freeze at warmer temperatures than charged batteries.

To prevent loss of battery charge, make sure you turn off all electronics like radios and heaters inside the car as well as your headlights. A battery that is older than 5 years, despite performance, is at an age where it should be replaced. Older batteries have an increased risk of cracking and loosing charge, and so also of freezing. The years of buildup and scrubbing on battery posts wears them down, leaving them susceptible to problems.

If you try to start your car and no lights come on, your battery may be dead or frozen. If you think your battery may be froze or dead, turn on the ignition and listen for a clicking. If the solenoid in the engine is not clicking, you likely have a battery issue. It is recommended that if your battery has frozen, you do not jump start it. Check the battery casing for cracks, and if there are none, safely disconnect the battery and take it somewhere warm to thaw. Once this has been done, hook it back up and start your vehicle. If there are no issues starting, there is likely no permanent battery damage. It is recommend that you fully charge your battery to prevent further issues.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, or your local dealership for model specific information.

Making Sense of the Aries Modular Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler

We have a new product hitting our website today, and boy is it a doozie. One look through its page may tell you everything you need to know, but the complexities and wide variety of customization may leave you scratching your head. So I’m here to walk you through the various customizations of the Jeep Wrangler Modular Bumper from Aries and what each obumper-11f these could look like. To begin with, let’s talk a little bit about the different available materials.

The Modular bumper is available in 3/16″ thick T6 aluminum or 3/16″ carbon steel with MIG welding. So what’s the difference? Well, primarily it’s strength versus longevity. Carbon steel will win against aluminum every time in a competition of strength. It’s less likely to crumple under impact, take scratches, or bend. This is good for the life of an off road adventurer right?

Well, yes, to an extent. The downside to carbon steel is that it can rust easily. The carbon steel is available in a textured black or silver powder coat finish that helps protect it against rust and other corrosion wear. However, if that coating should scratch off somewhere, or moisture get underneath it somehow, your steel is going to start rusting, and it’s going to be tough to stop that process without extensive work on your bumper.

This is where aluminum is nice. bumper-9

It’s more lightweight, which means it’s easier to handle. Aluminum is also quite durable, although it can be dented or bent more easily than carbon steel. It’s real power is in its elemental property that has made aluminum so sought after for so long; it will not rust. Ever. The metal just does not oxidize. Sblog-8o if you’re spending a lot of time in really moist places, the aluminum will likely have a longer lifespan than the carbon steel, as long as y
ou aren’t driving into rocks, or logs or whatever.

So, once you’ve decided on your material it’s time to start thinking about your finish. Aries offers two different tones, either textured black or silver. Both finishes are available each of the 6 customizable pieces for the modular bumper, and in both construction materials. The best way to decide the tone of your bumper is to think about how it will look on your vehicle. Is your Jeep primarily black? If so, do you want to carry on this trend and do you think silver will look odd when stacked against all black? Alternatively, if your Wrangler has a lot of chrome highlights or brighter colours, you could consider both black and silver as options. Keep in mind that each piece can be coloured differently. If you want your centre bumper module black and your side extensionblog-16s silver with all black brush guards, that’s entirely your call. Likewise, you could have one brush guard silver, or any number of other combinations based on your personal taste.

The next thing to start thinking about is which pieces you want or don’t want with your bumper. Aries offers a wide variety of options that have been grouped based blog-4on your central construction. If you want to have the centre piece and both extension sides, you can start with that, but if your tires are too large for the extensions, or you think the look of your Wrangler isn’t complemented by the wide bumper, you could instead get caps for the side of your central bumper piece.

The extra width will offer the front of your vehicle extra protection from branches, brush, and other road debris and help keep your Jeep’s paint job in pristine condition, but sometimes that isn’t something that you will need to worry about. Maybe you spend more time bogging through fields than you do ripping trails through forests or mountains, in which case the only difference becomes a personal aesthetic choice.

blog-9And now your central module is built. This is the basis for your bumper, and will influence the look of everything beyond this point, because now you are selecting you brush guards, if you want them. You can choose to entirely leave out the brush guards if you don’t think you have need of them. Again, they provide extra protection for your vehicle from the various hazards that can arise while off roading in forests or more enclosed spaces, but they may not be as important for mud bogging across the prairies. Likewise, the style of some Wrangler builds may not support large bars across the front of your vehicle while others

In that same vein, you can choose to have the central brush guard and both side brush guards installed, which will give you the full kit for the modular bumper. Alternatively, you can also choose to have only the central brush guard installed. You can then choose whether you’d like the 304 stainless brush guards or the textured black finish. While this choice is almost entirely influenced by personal preference and look, there are some points to consider.

304 stainless steel is a high quality stainless that contains a lot of nickel. This means that if rusting is something you are concerned for this may be the best option, as nickel also dblog-10oesn’t rust. Those who live close to the coast or spend a lot of time in wet places may want to consider this route. However, stainless steel scratches easily. While this will not affect its longevity, you could begin to notice over time a collection of surface scratches that interrupt the smooth stainless look. Often these can be buffed out with a polish and some elbow grease, but this isn’t for everyone. The textured black finish is less likely to develop surface scratches from sharp branches, but if there is a more major contact or the finish is somehow scratched off, the material underneath will begin to rust, and just like the carbon steel bumper construction, it requires work to stop the rust progression.

blog-2 Regardless of your choices, your bumper will still have full access to all of the tow hook points, OE light mount cutouts and tabs, as well as the winch mounting point, so you won’t be hindered from future accessories because of your choice. Once these decision have been made, and your modular bumper has been purchased, installation is a breeze. The pieces all lock together with included blog-17hardware. Mounting it on your vehicle is often a two person job, but the process is simple. Just take off your factory bumper and, using the same mounting points, your new modular bumper will bolt right on in place of the old factory piece.

The final touch is the rear bumper. This piece is obviously a optional addition, but one that is well worth your time if you’re a builder. Why have such a blog-19tough looking bumper on the front, and then a standard factory bumper in the back? Match up your vehicle! The rear bumper also offers customization is terms of colour as well. Do you want full black, or a patterned mix of black and silver? The choice is all yours.

And now you’re set to go with your personalized Wrangle bumper! You’ll be drawing eyes all through town, but the true value of the Aries Modular Bumper is in its versatility and durability when it counts; out in the wilderness. With the potential for tow hooks, various light add ons, and a 22 1/2″ by 7 3/4″ winch housing, you’ll never feel like your vehicle is missing anything out there again!