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Most definitely. We carry tonneau covers suitable for all makes, models, and variations of pickup trucks. Before you start shopping, check out our blog on measuring your truck bed to make sure you have all the information you need. Check the manuals and specifications on each tonneau cover you are looking at to be sure it will work for your application.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 855-253-4330 or email us at info@tonnocoverdepot.ca if you are unsure about any of our products.

Installation procedure varies for each tonneau cover but none of them are difficult to install. The most standard installation involves simply clamping the cover to your truck bed, with zero drilling, or even tools required. The more complicated installation involves a Phillips screwdriver and a 7/16” or ½” wrench and again, no drilling.

Yes you can! Tonneau covers secure themselves to the truck through a variety of methods, but unless your tailgate is locked, the tonneau cover can be opened by accessing the latches through the tailgate. Make sure you lock your tailgate if you have any cargo you wish to secure!

Warranty on tonneau covers varies from brand to brand and from model to model. Check your cover’s manual or our website to find out what the warranty on your tonneau cover is.

Most definitely! Retractable, roll up and tri-fold tonneau covers can be opened up and folded or rolled into a compact form to allow full truck bed access, and can also be easily removed. One-piece covers are more difficult, but they can still be taken off if you need your truck bed open.

In order to purchase a tonneau cover that’s going to fit, you need a very accurate measurement of your truck bed from front to back.

Need more details? Check out our blog article, How to Measure Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover on exactly this topic for a more detailed explanation!

Access TonnoSport

Access Original

1 storage strap 2 storage straps
Chrome rails Black rails
Lower profile at 1/2″ profile Higher profile at 1 1/2″
Trigger latch Auto latching
Reinforced polyester mesh Reinforced polyester mesh
UV protected vinyl UV protected vinyl
3-year warranty Lifetime warranty

Each tonneau cover style is going to be more effective for specific applications. All of the manufacturers we carry create great products, so which do you like better? How does the cover look and operate? Is it easy to use? But most importantly, which cover suits your needs best.

If you need some assistant determining which cover works for you, check out The 9 Most Important Questions When Shopping for a Tonneau Cover. We’ve put together a list of everything you should consider in one convenient place to ensure you are ecstatic about whichever tonneau cover you buy!

All tonneau covers are water resistant, and the manufacturers provide various seals to ensure that water doesn’t leak into your truck bed when the cover is installed correctly.

BAKFlip G2

Extang Solid Fold

UnderCover Flex

Low profile with rails and drain hoses Rides on top of box rails Low profile with rails and drain hoses
Clamp on install No assembly, easy install Clamp on install
Aluminum panels Polypropylene core with aluminum panel exterior Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) panels
Removable Simplest tri-fold tonneau cover Removable
Slam latch system Highest rated load factor Third panel sits on the box

Each tonneau cover comes equipped with a weather protective seal built into the top as well as weather sealing for the bulkhead. While the style and material of these seals vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, all tonneau covers are all well protected against water, snow, and dirt.

All tonneau covers are secured to the rails mounted on the truck bed. To ensure they remain locked, you will have to lock your tailgate, or else potential thieves could simply open up your tailgate and then the locking of the cover is irrelevant.

However, with a locked tailgate you will get better security out of hard roll-up, retractable, tri-fold, and one-piece covers than from soft. An overly ambitious thief or heavy falling objects could cut through the soft covers, leaving your cargo exposed, although this is unlikely.

Certainly! Simply call us at 855-253-4330 to book an appointment and we can have your tonneau cover installed while you wait! Average installation of a tonneau cover takes 45 – 90 minutes.

All of our tonneau covers are perfect for different situations. While a Hard One-Piece Covers are the best for keeping your cargo safe from falling objects or other physical damage, they lack portability, and they are not as easy to remove to allow for full truck bed access. Likewise, Soft Roll-Up Covers provide ultimate versatility and easiest truck bed access, but they are not designed to hold much weight.

In short, the tonneau cover that is better than all others changes with each situation. Be sure to read through the descriptions of the covers you are interested in on our website and check out our blog for a more detailed discussion of the products.

Shopping for tonneau covers and confused about what kind of cab you have? There are various cab sizes, and their names differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For full details, check out our blog to find out what kind of cab you have and what that means for your tonneau cover purchase!

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