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Truck Covers USA American Work Cover


Designed with the working person in mind, the American Work Cover, by Truck Covers USA, combines the convenient retractable tonneau cover style with a toolbox to give you the ultimate working accessory. Constructed from double walled aluminum with a galvanized steel toolbox that features trays to hold your tools and a lock for the tonneau cover and toolbox that are keyed the same for convenience. Designed and engineered by Truck Covers USA with ease of use, durability, and strength in mind and backed by a two year warranty, you know you’re getting a great product!

The American Work Cover offers all of the phenomenal features of the American Roll Cover with a few extra benefits. The biggest of these is the upgrade to a retractable tonneau cover and toolbox combo. Just like the Roll Cover, the tonneau cover is lockable with a key or has an available keyless entry option. Now, with the American Work Cover, these options extend to the canister as well. Within the lockable canister, half of the space is used to store the cover and the other half can be used to hold your tools, and it includes removable trays. Access your necessary equipment quickly and easily from this toolbox, and keep it secure with a keyed lock! The cover and toolbox are keyed the same, so one key, or the optional power actuator, opens both!

The toolbox itself is constructed from galvanized steel to support the weight of your tools and ensure long lasting durability. The cover is constructed from double walled aluminum, an inherently rust resistant, durable and lightweight material. It is then coated in a textured, black powder coat finish to help prevent scratches and protect the cover from surface rust. The cover can be locked every twelve inches along the length of your truck bed so that you can cruise with your cover fully closed, fully open, and locked in between to ensure the maximum versatility for you when hauling cargo. It can support an astonishing 500 pounds of weight! The four-way flex-tube drainage system ensures water will run off the cover, preventing pooling which can potentially cause rust or mechanical damage. The edges have an extra wide seal along your truck bed rail to protect the cover and your cargo from the water running off the cover.

Quick and easy to install, Truck Covers USA engineered their own clamp mount system to ensure its durability and capability. The covers are designed to install in less than an hour, so that you can quickly get to work. The cover features a pull strap for smooth opening and closing action so you don’t need to climb into your truck bed. The action is supported by a tension spring in the canister that can be adjust to ensure the easiest operation possible. The American Work Cover is designed to fit virtually all modern style pickup trucks like a glove to provide maximum physical security and weather protection, and it is compatible with many different factory and aftermarket accessories.

There are several optional accessories that can be purchased along with the cover. On top of the power actuators, you can add LED light strips, upgrade from black coated to stainless steel tool trays, and chrome handles. You can also get the X-box version, which features the Line-X premium toolbox which is not only abrasion and impact protected, but also guarded against harmful UV rays.

If you’re unsure of the size of your truck bed, check out our blog post on how to measure your truck bed for a tonneau cover.

  • Retractable Tonneau Cover and Toolbox Combo
  • Can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • Textured black powder coat finish
  • Double walled aluminum construction for rust resistance and durability
  • Galvanized steel toolbox
  • Comes standard with key entry
  • Keyless latch built in
  • Pull strap for tonneau cover use
  • Smooth action
  • 4-Way flex-tube drainage system
  • Exra wide side rail seals
  • Locks every 12″ for versatility of use
  • Easy to install with custom engineered mounting clamps
  • Included black tool trays
  • Toolbox and tonneau cover are keyed the same!
  • Optional power locking
  • Optional stainless steel trays and chrome handles
  • Optional built-in lighting

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