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TruXedo Lo Pro QT Roll-Up Tonneau Cover


Give your truck an edge (a sleek, smooth one) with the Tuxedo Lo Pro QT tonneau cover. This soft roll-up cover mounts inside the bed for an aerodynamic, slim look. Durable, no-tear, double coated vinyl stands up to the most extreme climates.

Give your truck an edge (a sleek, smooth one) with the Tuxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover. This soft roll-up TruXedo Tonneau mounts inside the bed for an aerodynamic, slim look. This offers your truck a sleek, professional look while also increasing fuel economy. On top of that, durable, no-tear, double coated vinyl stands up to the most extreme climates. The cover’s clamp mount system makes installation quick and easy.

Heavy-duty extra wide Velcro strips secure the edges of the vinyl, with sloped sides for lowered wind resistance. They also seal the edges and sides, locking out the dust, dirt, and water. This ensures your fragile cargo won’t be damaged by the elements.  The automatically locking rear latch secures the cover as soon as you push it into place. Once closed, your cover won’t open with the tailgate up, protecting your cargo from potential thieves. With the Lo Pro QT, you’ll always feel secure knowing that no matter the weather or location of your trip, your cargo will be safe.

Features and Benefits

  • Low profile, angled design
  • Protects cargo from extreme weather
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Heavy duty vinyl and corner sealing keep water out
  • Automatic tension control for changes in temperature

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2 reviews for TruXedo Lo Pro QT Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

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