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UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover


The UnderCover Ridgelander Tonneau Cover is engineered to give your truck bed maximum versatility. Featuring a low profile Twist-Lock and all around seals, the Ridgelander is an extremely secure cover, but on top of that it’s packed with features! The included Tango Track System allows you to mount a wide range of Rhino Racks accessories, nearly doubling your cargo carrying capacity. You can mount skis, snowboards, bikes, and more on to this rack and the base allows for customization to suit your needs.

The UnderCover Ridgelander Tonneau Cover is designed to provide maximum versatility to your truck bed. This truck bed cover comes equipped with a built in perimeter track system on top of the cover to provide a base track system that allows for unique, personal customization. The cover comes with the Tango Track cargo management system that is compatible with rack accessories from Rhino Rack to help you carry bikes, snowboards, and other gear on top of your truck bed!

Each cover comes standard with the Tango Track System, which includes four Quick Mount Legs and two Vortex Aero Bars, which can be adjusted, moved, and used with many of Rhino Racks accessories. This alone nearly doubles your truck beds carrying capacity, and how it is customized is completely up to you.

The cover is extremely secure. A single low profile Twist-Lock located in the center of the cover operates latches on both sides of the truck bed, so you can guarantee your valuables will be safe. This cover offers the same security as the UnderCover classic, but with loads of added features, a more streamlined look, and easier operation. Add bike carriers, cargo baskets, and other accessories to enhance the versatility of the UnderCover Ridgeline for a more personalized experience!

  • Comes with built in perimeter track system designed for personalized racks
    • 4 quick mount legs
    • 2 Vortex Aero Bars
  • Add Rhino rack accessories to your truck rack to personalize your cargo hauling experience
  • Tango Track System is extremely versatile and provides enhanced cargo management
  • Cover comes standard with Tango Track cargo management system that works with Rhino Rack accessories
  • Cover secures and opens with a single low profile Twist-Lock
  • Easily mount bikes and other accessories to keep your hitch free

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